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                PRODUCTS & SERVICES

                XCMG has always kept its leading position in Chinese construction machinery industry for 31 years
              2. 2210

                700 units of XCMG mining equipment at a mining area in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia

              3. 1910

                Stunningly! XCMG new cranes come together to perform a light show!

              4. 1910

                Move With the Wind! The Amazing Debut of the “King of Wind Power Lifting” Over 160 Meters!

              5. 1910

                Ten Years on, the 3rd “World’s Top Crane” Delivered!

              6. 3009

                Embracing changing times and creating a legend for China's equipment manufacturing industry

              7. 1509

                XCMG High-End Customized GR2605 Grader Fleet Delivered to Rio Tinto Group

              8. 2808

                XCMG has become a warm and loving world-class enterprise that has stuck to its original intentions

              9. 2508

                Moment of Glory! The 1,000 th XCMG Mining Truck XDM80 rolled off factory Line

              10. 2408

                XCMG Golden Products Worth More than Ten Million Yuan Were Delivered to Pakistan to Participate in the Construction of the Local "Three Gorges Project"!

              11. 2408

                Annual operating time high up to 6,000 hours! Powerful strength of XCMG wheel bulldozer fully demonstrated in Siberia!

              12. 0608

                XCMG embraces the entrepreneurial spirit to build a world-class enterprise

              13. 2107

                200 Million Yuan in Sales!XCMG Global Live Broadcast reached a new high along “The Belt and Road”!

              14. 1407

                Tapping into the high-end market! XCMG’s Customized “Blue Armor” Debut in Australia

              15. 0607

                Amid Covid-19, XCMG’s Full Line of Crane Equipment Marches into Europe!

              16. 2206

                Over 100 units of XCMG Machinery Shipped to North America!

              17. 1606

                Surprises Coming Your Way! Welcome to XCMG’s 2nd Live Stream (Central Asia Special Edition)!

              18. 0806

                XCMG Rotary Drilling Rigs Participate in another Millennium Project

              19. 0806

                XCMG Large-tonnage Road Roller is Amazing!

                  • No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry
                  • No.4 among world construction machinery industry
                  • No.2 among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machinery industry
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